Kpop Fitspo: 15 Sexiest Female Bodies

5:49 PM

Hello and welcome back to my blog!! Since sexy-season-summer is here, I decided to post some eye-candy/fitsporation of a few of my favourite kpop bodies (female edition, let me know if you want a male edition). So let's get started with 15 flaming hot kpop gals!

(In no particular order)

Lately she's been getting more attention for her body, and there is no surprise why! Check out these pictures and gifs of her amazing physique. 

Now this one is no surprise, everyone knows that Hyorin is a Sexy Diva!! Plus, her glowing tan skin just makes her that much perfect. 

After School-UEE
Her body used to be a hot topic, especially because of her honey thighs. Unfortunately she lost some of it during her weight loss, but her body is still stunning regardless. 

After School-Nana
Now she may not be the curviest one out there, but her long body sure is mesmerising! The proportions are just on point, she was truly gifted with the perfect measurements.

 Another idol who is widely popular for her honey thighs. I love her body, because she definitely has some curves, and is proud to show them off. 

Girls' Day-Yura
 I believe what makes Yura's body so gorgeous is her fantastic pair of legs! She's got long legs for days! She even got them insured for a very high value :P 

Miss A-Fei
I feel like her body is really underrated. She's got a stunning figure, check out all the proof below!

This one is a no-brainer. No "kpop hot bodies list" is complete without this flaming hot body right here. 

The baddest female definitely has a badass body as well! Dem curves!

Girls Generation-Yuri
Yuri has been through crazy thin stages during her career, but I like her best when she has some more shape. I even raved about her body on my review of Catch me if you can!

Seriously though, i'm glad she's healthy now because
THIS is much better than THIS.

She has long legs, tiny hips, flat tummy and big boobs......the world is so unfair.

No one can say her body isn't amazing, after all, her body is basically the cause of Exid's launch to fame.

This Ex-Kara member sure has a great body! Even with her petite figure, she's got them abs on point!

I know Krystal's body is great, but Victoria is my personal favourite when it comes to f(x)'s bodies. 

I definitely saved the best for last with this one! Out of the whole list, Hwasa is currently my favourite. Her thighs are just too good to be true. Let's pray she doesn't lose weight!

And that's a wrap!! Making this post definitely showed me that beauty comes in all shapes and forms, but there is nothing wrong with striving for a healthier, fitter body! This wasn't to lower anyone's self-esteem, on the contrary, I hope this post inspires you to achieve a body you feel comfortable in (if you haven't already).


Love you XOXO

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  1. yaaaaaaaassss!!! I agree with all of that, those girls SLAY

  2. Please excuse me while I go workout for the next twenty four hours....

    A lot of these artists are definitely fitspo for me.

    1. Ahahaha, remember, this is to inspire!

  3. Great Post. Love it !!


  4. GEnerally they are beautiful :)

    Please CLICK HERE and you are welcome on my blog :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. You're so beautiful and so is ur cousin Xanaaaa~~~ I'm ur biggest fan ever!!!! Love u~~~~ Go PANDAS, go GREEN TEAAAA!!!!!!!!!~~~~~

    1. Thank you!!! You are more beautiful!! OMG YEEAAASSS GO PANDAS AND GREEN TEA! I know, my cousin Xana is really pretty ^_^

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